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Result lists Xipho- / Molly European Championship passage ISXM01 Diemelsee


Result lists Xipho- / Molly European Championship passage ISXM01 Diemelsee / Adorf 12th-13th September 2015

Ergebnislisten Xipho-/Molly-Europameisterschaftsdurchgang ISXM01 Diemelsee/Adorf 12.-13. September 2015

Výsledkovej listy Xipho- / Majstrovstvá Molly Európska priechod ISXM01 Diemelsee / Adorf 12.-13 septembra do roku 2015

Résultat répertorie Xipho- / Molly Championnat d'Europe passage ISXM01 Diemelsee / Adorf 12 et 13 septembre 2015









45 Years of Hi Fin Swordtail History and Breeding

An article I wrote several years ago on the history of hi-fin swordtails.


The Giant Sailfin Mollies of Central America: Poecilia velifera and Poecilia pet

An article I did on the history and breeding of P. velifera and P. petenesis with a post script. I still need to add the history of breeding all black pure P. velifera in Florida in the 1930's.


DGLZ xipho Molly European Championship passage

Ausstellungen  Ausstellungen
Termindatum: Samstag, 12. September 2015
Enddatum: Sonntag, 13. September 2015

The Dglz Performance Show 2015 Diemelsee from the 12th-13th of September.

As foreman of the breed form DGLZ I would like to point out that the DGLZ a passage for xipho - will execute Molly European championship.
Is evaluated according to the International Standard ISXM01 by the DGLZ recognized. Please inform your clubs and breeders known about this event. The official letter will be prepared for January 2015.

DGLZ Xipho-Molly Europameisterschaftsdurchgang
Die Dglz Leistungsschau 2015 findet in Diemelsee vom 12.-13 September statt.mehr...

 Sächsische Xipho/Mollyausstellung  der IGMX 2014 in Dresden


Xiphophorus maculatus BH, rot getigert, erweitertes Rotdorsal, weiße Grundfarbe

Foto: Günther Schrammmehr...

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